Forisk Timberland Owner List


Detailed listing of the largest private timberland owners and managers in the United States, including contact information, acres owned or managed and ownership location.

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2020 Forisk Timberland Owner List


The Forisk North American Timberland Owner & Manager List includes over 300 of the largest private timberland owners and managers in the United States and Canada that own or manage 10,000 acres or more.

The timberland owner & manager list includes key contacts by firm with contact information as well as acres owned by region and, to the extent possible, by state or Canadian province. Investment managers or consultants can use this list to generate new client leads as well as track timberland ownership in the US. This product is part of Forisk’s ongoing research program of timberland investment vehicles and is updated annually and published in the second quarter. In addition to the excel database of owners and managers, you will also receive the associated article published in the Q2 edition of the Forisk Research Quarterly (FRQ) report.

Specific attributes included:
  • Firm/Organization
  • Type (i.e. REIT, TIMO, Private Individual, Investor)
  • Total US Acres
  • Total Canadian Acres (owned)
  • Headquarters Location
  • Company Website
  • Region of Ownership (US North, South, West or Canada)
  • Key Contact Name
  • Title, Email, Phone Number, Address of Key Contact
  • Ownership by US State or Canadian Province, Where Possible
  • FAQs: Click here to download the FAQs.
  • Format: Digital download – Excel Database and 2-page PDF Article
  • Price: $1,250.00
  • Renewal Rate: $750.00 (please contact Forisk to obtain the renewal rate)
  • This database is published in May each year
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