Timber Market Analysis Class / Continuing Education

Forisk’s next Continuing Education event will be the Timber Market Analysis Class on October 16-17, 2024. Delivered in an interactive environment through Live Zoom Webinar, the “Timber Market Analysis” class walks through the process to understand, track, and analyze the price, demand, supply, and competitive dynamics of local timber markets and wood baskets through the use of case studies. It is divided into two half-days of course content where Day 2 builds on Day 1.


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May 14

Q2 Forisk News

Forisk's quarterly newsletter, the "Forisk News", highlights research on the top timberland owners/managers in North America, an update on wood fiber prices, and select findings from the Q2 Forisk Research Quarterly (FRQ) report.

Forisk conducts applied research related to timber markets, wood bioenergy, and forest operations.

Our experience and interests focus on better understanding the business of forestry and changes over time in timber-related investments. Forisk’s research supports the management consulting and educational services we provide to senior management and investors in the forest industry, wood bioenergy and timberland investing sectors. Learn more »

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