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The Forisk Wood Fiber Review (formerly the “North American Wood Fiber Review” – view the acquisition press release and the FAQ’s) has tracked wood fiber markets in all major North American regions for nearly 35 years. The Wood Fiber Review includes prices and market commentary for key regions in the U.S. and Canada, providing essential data for anyone that needs to track pulpwood, wood chips, and biomass prices in the world’s largest and most dynamic wood fiber markets.

Click below to learn more about this annual subscription. Firms that subscribe to the Forisk Research Quarterly (FRQ) receive a 10% discount on a subscription to the Wood Fiber Review.

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Jun 24

"Applied Forest Finance" Class in Atlanta, GA

DATE CHANGE! This one-day class details the step-by-step financial analysis required to answer key investment and forest management questions. Learn how to identify, value, and rank timber and forestry investments.

Jun 25

"Timber Market Analysis" Class in Atlanta, GA

This class details the step-by-step process to understand, track, and analyze the price, demand, supply, and competitive dynamics of local timber markets and wood baskets, including the impacts of new and announced wood bioenergy projects.

Forisk conducts applied research related to timber markets, wood bioenergy, and forest operations.

Our experience and interests focus on better understanding the business of forestry and changes over time in timber-related investments. Forisk’s research supports the management consulting and educational services we provide to senior management and investors in the forest industry, wood bioenergy and timberland investing sectors. Learn more »

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