Forisk provides management consulting and advisory services to senior management and investors in the forest industry, wood bioenergy and timberland investing sectors.

Forisk specializes in analyzing the supply and demand characteristics of local wood and timber markets and, from this analysis, developing forecasts and strategic guidance related to capital investment decisions, forest operations and the financial assessment of timberland investment vehicles. Through subscribing to the Forisk Research Quarterly (FRQ), subscribers gain exclusive access to Forisk’s consulting services and custom timber market studies.

Services include:

Management Consulting

Forisk supports senior executives and business owners with decisions related to strategic planning, organizational restructuring and capital allocation in the forest products, wood bioenergy and timber investing industries.  Engagements range from brief, focused meetings to test investment ideas and options to multi-month assignments for facilitating and developing strategic plans or conducting due diligence associated with potential mergers and acquisitions (M&A).  Learn more »

Stumpage Price Forecasts

Forisk builds property and mill-specific forecasts of stumpage and delivered prices for clients. These forecasts leverage Forisk’s ongoing tracking and evaluation of all wood-using bioenergy projects and forest industry facilities in the United States. This tracking includes methodologies to evaluate viability, organizational commitment and risk of failure. Forecasts include Forisk’s ongoing research related to technology shifts, logging and hauling costs, forest supplies and wood demand from the lumber, pulp/paper, OSB, wood bioenergy and log export markets. Learn more »

Timber Market Analysis & Research Studies

Forisk generates basin-specific studies for timber and wood markets. Wood resource studies support project financing, market ranking and due diligence for investment decisions. Forisk market analyses include detailed assessments of forest supplies, wood demand and competition, operational logistics and future stumpage and delivered raw material prices. Learn more »