Stumpage Price Forecasts

Forisk builds custom property and mill-specific forecasts of stumpage and delivered prices for clients.

These forecasts build on Forisk’s ongoing tracking and evaluation of all wood-using bioenergy projects and forest industry facilities in the United States. This tracking includes methodologies to evaluate viability, organizational commitment and risk of failure. Forecasts include Forisk’s ongoing research related to technology shifts, logging and hauling costs, forest supplies and wood demand from the lumber, pulp/paper, OSB, wood bioenergy and log export markets.

Forisk also publishes the Forisk Forecast for the US South and Pacific Northwest that forecasts prices for 10 years by region and by state. It builds on a macro-micro framework to specify local price movements and drivers over time:

  • Given assumptions about the US economy and housing markets,
  • How will demand for wood raw materials drive stumpage prices in each local market,
  • Subject to constraints and surpluses in manufacturing capacity and forest supplies.


Forisk’s deep experience with available timber price data sets, forest operations research, and operating and announced wood-using facilities in the continental US provide the basis for custom forecasts for softwood and hardwood roundwood and chips. To learn more about market and mill-specific timber and wood raw material forecasts, please contact Amanda Lang (