Annual Subscription North American Forest Industry Capacity Database


In conjunction with the annual Multi-Client Study, Forisk produces a database of forest industry mill capacity in North America. This database includes location, capacity, current wood use, and product data on over 1,400 wood-using mills in North America, along with announced and planned capacity changes or greenfield mill construction over the next two years by firm, mill type, and geography. Additions to the mill database since the 2018 release include: estimate of current wood use, recycled % for pulp mills, capacity timelines extended to 2021, and hardwood sawmill data.

Forisk’s Mill Capacity Database includes softwood sawmills, hardwood sawmills, plywood plants, OSB mills, wood-consuming pulp/paper mills, and wood pellet plants located in the United States and Canada. Mills are grouped into one of the following five (5) geographic regions:

  1. U.S. South
  2. U.S. West
  3. U.S. North
  4. Canada West
  5. Canada East


Forisk’s Mill Capacity Database Includes the Following Information for Each Mill:

  • Mill Name
  • Company Name
  • City, County, State/Province
  • Mill Type
  • Status (Open, Closed, Announced)
  • Species (Softwood/Hardwood)
  • End Use
  • Certification Status
  • Latitude and Longitude
  • Current Wood Use
  • Recycled % (Pulp Mills)
  • Current Production Capacity and Units
  • Historic Production Capacity (to 2009)
  • Ownership Timeline, 2009-2021
  • Announced and planned capacity changes or greenfield mill construction over the next 2 years


Purchase Options:

There are three purchase options for Forisk’s Mill Capacity Database. All options include quarterly database updates published in November 2019, February 2020, and May 2020. Shapefiles are also included with all purchase options.

  • Option 1: Mill Database and GIS information for one region only
    • Select any single region from the list above
  • Option 2: Full Mill Database and GIS information
    • Includes data for all of North America. Does not include the Market Rankings Multi-Client Study.


Discounted rates available for companies that also subscribe to the Forisk Research Quarterly (FRQ). Email for pricing information and to place an order.

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