2019 North American Forest Market & Industry Rankings Study


Benchmarking and ranking timber markets provides critical insights for maximizing returns and developing strategic plans for timber-selling and wood-using businesses.



In Q3 2019, Forisk published a comprehensive analysis (Study) of North American timber markets and wood-using mills that ranks timber markets for investment and details current and historic mill capacity by firm and sector across North America, along with projected capacity levels by sector and region for the next two years.

Forisk’s Study divides the U.S. South and Pacific Northwest into operable timber markets based on bottom-up analysis of softwood demand centers and wood flows. The research scores timber markets based on supply, demand, and economic criteria and assesses risk to timberland investors and wood consumers. View the Press Release here.

The Study also includes ten years of historical capacity and projections through 2021 and firm and market-level rankings, with maps, for the following sectors across five regions in the United States and Canada:

  • Softwood sawmills;
  • Plywood plants;
  • Wood consuming pulp mills;
  • Wood pellet plants; and
  • OSB facilities.


Users of this Study can opt to receive the underlying mill data:

This includes location, capacity, current wood use, and product data on over 1,900 wood-using mills in North America, along with announced and planned capacity changes or greenfield mill construction over the next two years by firm, mill type and geography. Forisk’s Mill Capacity Database includes softwood sawmills, hardwood sawmills, plywood plants, OSB mills, wood-consuming pulp/paper mills, and wood pellet plants located in the United States and Canada.

The Mill Capacity Database and GIS information are sold separately from this 2019 Study. Click here to learn more about the Mill Database. 


Why Purchase this Study?

This Study provides verified data and objective analysis to support strategic and operational plans for wood-using mills or timberlands in the U.S. and Canada. Access this Study if you are interested in:

  • Ranking regions or markets for investment due diligence or capital expansions.
  • Profiling timber supply and upcoming changes in your operating areas or timber markets.
  • Remaining current on expected and announced mill expansions and greenfield projects that could affect your local raw material or timber markets over the next two years.
  • Understanding forest industry concentration and raw material competition in local markets.
  • Creating custom maps of mills located in your wood baskets or timber markets.


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