2022 North American Timber Market Rankings Study


Benchmarking and ranking timber markets provides critical insights for maximizing returns and developing strategic plans for timber-selling and wood-using businesses. In September 2019, Forisk published a detailed Study of North American timber markets and wood-using mills that ranked timber markets for investment. In September 2022, Forisk published a new Study that back-tests the findings from the 2019 Market Rankings Study and provides readers with updated analysis and market rankings for 2022.


The 2022 Market Rankings Study contains analysis and rankings of U.S. timber markets to assess their suitability for incremental capital investments. The Study divides the U.S. South and Pacific Northwest into 37 operable timber markets based on bottom-up analysis of softwood demand centers and wood flows. The research scores timber markets based on supply and demand, and assesses risk to timberland investors and wood consumers. Each market received three scores, each from a different perspective: timberland investors, sawtimber consumers, and pulpwood consumers.

This Study seeks to clarify which markets, on a relative basis, are more viable, sustainable, and operable places for generating wood flows and cash flows. View the Press Release here.

Why Purchase this Study?

This Study provides verified data and objective analysis to support strategic and operational plans for wood-using mills or timberlands in the United States. Access this Study if you are interested in:

  • Ranking regions or markets for investment due diligence or capital expansions.
  • Profiling timber supply and upcoming changes in your operating areas or timber markets.
  • Understanding forest industry concentration and raw material competition in local markets.
  • Comparing weather and fire risk across timber markets.


The following data is included in the 2022 Market Rankings Study:

  • Market ranking scores for all 37 markets.
  • Market ranking criteria estimates for all 37 markets (provided in both PDF and Excel formats).
  • Maps displaying the market ranking criteria.
  • Optional Data Package Add-On: 15-Year supply forecasts for all markets in the US South and PNW.


Discount available for companies that subscribe to the Forisk Research Quarterly (FRQ).

For additional details about the 2022 Market Rankings Study, including pricing and ordering information, please contact Nick DiLuzio (ndiluzio@forisk.com) or Heather Clark (hsclark@forisk.com). 

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