Wood Electricity: Overhyped and Underappreciated


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Wood Bioenergy US, November/December 2014 Issue Wood Electricity: Overhyped and Underappreciated


Wood Bioenergy US (WBUS) is a publication by Forisk Consulting that tracks, screens, and analyzes the wood bioenergy sector in the United States. This issue’s feature article reviews recent developments in the wood power sector, and projects the future electricity generation and wood use of the sector in the US for the next ten years. Wood-sourced electrical power generation maintains a stable profile with little likelihood for meaningful long-term growth as a share of either total or renewable US domestic energy production. Efforts to accelerate, highlight and subsidize wood electricity over the past ten years correspond to total wood electricity growth of 4.7% for the period, which accounts for approximately 1% of total US electricity generation. Only 21% of the capacity announced by bioelectricity project developers to come online in 2013 actually became operational, based on announcements since 2008. Still, the wood power sector boasts a long history and retains an important role as a user of lower-valued wood raw materials and as a source of electricity for key industrial and commercial sectors.

The November/December 2014  issue will be useful for investors, analysts, and executives interested in wood bioenergy markets in the United States, especially regional considerations for wood bioenergy investments. For more information on a subscription to WBUS, including the full product list, please click here.

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