The Rise and Fall of Wood-Based Biofuels, Part I 


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Wood Bioenergy US, February / March / April 2013 Issue: The Rise and Fall of Wood-Based Biofuels, Part I 


Wood Bioenergy US (WBUS) is a publication by Forisk Consulting that tracks, screens, and analyzes the wood bioenergy sector in the United States. The feature article in the February/March/April 2013 issue is the first part of a two part series on liquid biofuels. In May 2011, Forisk and the Schiamberg Group evaluated the viability of 36 wood biofuel projects in the United States. As of April 2013, 13 of the original 36 projects have been cancelled and 12 remain in the planning or construction stages. New projects emphasize feedstock flexibility beyond raw wood materials and focus on multiple, existing end markets including diesel, sugars and industrial chemicals. Analysis of potential wood use highlights the minimal relevance of the biofuels projects to timberland investors in the U.S. today and over the next ten years.

The February/March/April 2013 issue will be useful for investors, analysts, and executives interested in wood bioenergy markets in the United States, especially regional considerations for wood bioenergy investments. For more information on a subscription to WBUS, including the full product list, please click here.

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