Wood Bioenergy US Project Database


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Wood Bioenergy US Project Database


Forisk’s Wood Bioenergy US Database contains detailed project information in Excel on over 490 announced and operating bioenergy projects.

Forisk tracks, screens, and analyzes all wood-using bioenergy projects and sectors in the continental United States. While that research is only available to subscribers of the Forisk Research Quarterly, Forisk’s Wood Bioenergy US Database is available for standalone purchase.

As of the Q2 2024 publication, Forisk’s Wood Bioenergy US Database tracks 494 operating and announced wood-using bioenergy projects. These projects represent a combined potential wood consumption of 117.5 million green tons per year. Based on Forisk’s viability screening, 356 projects pass, with 126 in the North, 141 in the South, and 89 in the West, indicating potential wood use of 99.7 million green tons per year.

The Wood Bioenergy US Database (excel file) is available to buy online via this webpage, or you can click here to view the Wood Bioenergy US Free Summary.

Forisk updates the Wood Bioenergy US Database four times per year in February (Q1), May (Q2), August (Q3), and November (Q4).

The Wood Bioenergy US Database includes the following data attributes for each facility:

  • Project ID for tracking
  • Project Name and Company
  • City, County, State and US Region where the project is located
  • Technology Type (Pellet, Electricity, Liquid Fuels, Biochar, CHP, Thermal)
  • Technology Subtype (examples: torrefied pellets or cellulosic ethanol)
  • Technology Screen: Is the technology currently viable?
  • Project Total Cost (US Million $)
  • Feedstock Type
  • Project Status (Announced, Open, Closed, Idle)
  • Status Screen: Is the project likely to happen?
  • Capacity and Units
  • Total Wood Use (annual green tons)

Purchase Details:

Format: One-time Excel spreadsheet download
Frequency: Published quarterly (current file download: Q2 2024)
Terms of Use: See the Forisk Products User Agreement
Price: $750.00

If you need assistance with completing your purchase, please contact Pamela Smith at psmith@forisk.com.

For more information on Forisk’s wood bioenergy research, contact Stephen Wright at swright@forisk.com.

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