Timber Market Analysis and Research Studies

Forisk generates basin-specific studies for timber and wood markets. For timberland investing activities and capital budgeting decisions associated with wood-using mills or bioenergy projects, Forisk identifies and tracks price drivers and wood demand in client-specific markets.

Forisk market analyses include:

  • Market risks associated with mill consumption (wood demand), openings, closures, and exposures to end product markets;
  • Supply availability and sustainability for the volumes and raw material types required by wood-using facilities;
  • Price risks detailed through statistical analysis of client-specific timber markets to identify and quantify factors driving stumpage prices over time;
  • Logistic issues associated with ports, rail and logging capacity;
  • Conversion risks of land converting out of forestry uses within five to ten-year time frames; and
  • Comparative and competitive analysis across multiple markets.

Clients use Forisk analyses to:

  • Make timberland investment decisions;
  • Locate, close, or expand wood-using mills or bioenergy plants;
  • Identify, rank and screen potential markets for wood-using plants or timberlands;
  • Calculate transfer prices and develop wood or fiber supply agreements; and
  • Develop wood procurement plans and strategies.


For more information regarding timber market assessments and wood basin studies, please contact Amanda Lang (ahlang@forisk.com).