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Quarterly review of pulpwood, chips, biomass markets and trade in the U.S. and Canada.


Tracking pulpwood and biomass markets in the U.S. and Canada since 1983

The Forisk Wood Fiber Review (formerly the “North American Wood Fiber Review” – view the acquisition press release and the FAQ’s) has tracked wood fiber markets in all major North American regions for nearly 35 years. The Wood Fiber Review includes prices and market commentary for key regions in the U.S. and Canada, providing essential data for anyone that needs to track pulpwood, wood chips, and biomass prices in the world’s largest and most dynamic wood fiber markets.

In 2018, wood fiber costs accounted for 56% of the total pulp manufacturing cost worldwide. Tracking wood fiber costs supports investment and operational decisions across a range of manufacturing facilities and markets within the forest sector.

The Wood Fiber Review provides updates of softwood and hardwood prices for all major markets in North America. Prices are reported for wood delivered to consuming plants as a range and average price in comparable units; metric tonnes and green tons.


The Forisk Wood Fiber Review tracks fiber costs and market developments in the following markets:

United States Canada
Northwest (PNW) British Columbia (BC)
Lake States Alberta
Northeast Ontario
Southeast Quebec
South Central Maritime Provinces


Subscription Details:

  • Annual (4-quarter) subscription with reports published four times per year in the last month of each quarter: March, June, September and December.
  • Forisk will issue a “First Look” for the data approximately 2-3 weeks before each publication.
  • The Forisk Wood Fiber Review is delivered in a PDF format and delivered to subscribers via email. Subscribers will also have the option of receiving hard-copies for an additional fee.
  • As with other Forisk subscriptions, firms that subscribe to the Wood Fiber Review gain access to Forisk’s staff for on-call questions and support directly related to the product as part of the subscription package. Subscribers also gain access to Forisk’s consulting and market analysis services.
  • Click here for a list of Frequently Asked Questions
  • To purchase the Forisk Wood Fiber Review, email Heather Clark at


Annual Subscription Pricing:

  • National Tier: $3,000
    • Company has assets in multiple regions and/or national/global coverage in activities.
  • Regional Tier: $2,100
    • Company has assets in one U.S. region and/or multiple offices/services in one region.
  • Single Tier: $1,250
    • Company has one/two offices in one/two states; single-user license.
  • Subscribers to the Forisk Research Quarterly (FRQ) receive a 10% discount on their Wood Fiber Review subscription.
  • The fee for receiving a hard-copy of the Wood Fiber Review is $200 per year.
  • To purchase the Forisk Wood Fiber Review, email Heather Clark at


Forisk does offer licensing arrangements for firms that may use price data in their own subscription products.


Effective December 31, 2019, Forisk Consulting acquired the North American Wood Fiber Review (NAWFR) market report from Wood Resources International LLC (WRI). Click here to view the press release. Forisk will continue publishing the same data that subscribers are accustomed to receiving, under the new product name “Forisk Wood Fiber Review.” Forisk welcomes the opportunity to discuss the acquisition and answer questions via phone or email any time. Click here for a list of FAQ’s

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