2018 Silviculture Survey: Forest Management Practices of Private Timberland Investors and Managers in the U.S. South

This research summarizes the results of Forisk’s fourth biennial survey of forest management (silviculture) practices in the U.S. South across four distinct physiographic provinces. We received data from 37 firms covering 70 operating units and 21.4 million timberland acres for this portion of our research. Forisk’s research tracks the intensity, variance, costs, and results associated with these activities to help forest owners and managers improve forest management activities and benchmark their performance. Questions focused on forest management activities completed in 2017 (from January through December), and costs and revenues from these activities. This article summarizes results on forest management practices and activities; data on costs and revenues are shared separately with survey participants and are not included here. The survey divided the South into four “regions” to distinguish potential differences in forest management practices across physiographic provinces, a shift from previous surveys which examined three regions split based on groups of states. This report provides a comparison of silvicultural treatments including site preparation, planting, harvesting and fertilization across the four physiographic regions. Data is also provided on certification and forest inventory practices.

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