Wood Bioenergy US, March/April/May 2014 Issue: Reconciling Pine Pulpwood Forecasts with Projected UK/EU Wood Pellet Demand

Wood Bioenergy US (WBUS) is a publication by Forisk Consulting that tracks, screens, and analyzes the wood bioenergy sector in the United States. This issue’s feature articleexplores how recent UK government decisions could affect US pellet exports and ultimately pine pulpwood price forecasts for the US South.  A series of recent UK government decisions regarding investment contracts creates uncertainty for biomass projects as well as pellet producers in the US that export to firms in the UK. UK demand projections imply that pellet production capacity in the US will develop slower than expected, and will reach lower levels than expected given announcements by pellet developers. Despite this decrease in expected pellet production, and resulting decrease in pine pulpwood demand for bioenergy, the average stumpage price expectation for the South decreases by only 2% for 2016.

The March/April/May 2014  issue will be useful for investors, analysts, and executives interested in wood bioenergy markets in the United States, especially regional considerations for wood bioenergy investments. For more information on a subscription to WBUS, including the full product list, please click here.

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