Loving Trees is Not Enough


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Communication Skills for Natural Resource Professionals Loving Trees is Not Enough


Loving Trees is Not Enough builds on a simple message: being effective and successful requires skills beyond the technical.

Rather, success depends on our ability to communicate what we know to others. This handbook provides practical answers to questions such as, “How can I improve my public speaking and interview skills?  How do I give feedback to employees or run a meeting?  How can I succinctly and effectively communicate my message?”

It will improve your abilities to:

  • Present and speak publicly
  • Prepare resumes and participate in interviews
  • Negotiate starting salaries
  • Use electronic communications such as phones, cell phones, and email
  • Arrange and manage meetings
  • Give feedback to employees and colleagues

Loving Trees is Not Enough is a concise, 114 page off-the-shelf reference designed to also support university courses and professional workshops.

Loving Trees is Not Enough details

Product type:  Book
Author: Brooks C. Mendell, Ph.D.
Length: 114 pages

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