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As part of our research program, Forisk has administered surveys of forest industry firms to benchmark performance and costs. These studies offer the potential to compare against a group of industry participants with region-specific data. While individualized benchmarking analyses are only available to Forisk Research Quarterly subscribers, detailed reports on the data are available here. Initial studies focus primarily on silvicultural and land management practices and costs.

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Sep 12

Forisk Presenting at 2017 WWOTF Conference

Brooks Mendell presenting “Specific Recommendations for Investors When Evaluating Investment and Manager Performance” at the Who Will Own The Forest Conference in Portland, OR.

Forisk conducts applied research related to timber markets, wood bioenergy, and forest operations.

Our experience and interests focus on better understanding the business of forestry and changes over time in timber-related investments. Forisk’s research supports the management consulting and educational services we provide to senior management and investors in the forest industry, wood bioenergy and timberland investing sectors. Learn more »

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