Wood Bioenergy US Project List

The Wood Bioenergy US project list in Excel contains detailed project information on over 436 announced and operating bioenergy projects.

Forisk tracks, screens, and analyzes all wood-using bioenergy projects and sectors in the United States.  While this research is available to subscribers of the Forisk Research Quarterly, Forisk’s Wood Bioenergy US project database and previous issues of Wood Bioenergy US (WBUS) are available for standalone purchase.

The WBUS Project List includes the following:

  • Project ID for tracking
  • Project Name
  • City, County, State and US Region where the project will be located
  • Type (Pellet, Electricity, Liquid Fuels)
  • Technology
  • Technology screen: is the technology currently viable?
  • Feedstock type
  • Status
  • Status screen: is the project likely to happen?
  • Date of last update
  • Capacity and units
  • Start-up Year
  • Total Wood Use


Format: One-time Excel spreadsheet download
Frequency: Published quarterly
Price: $750.00

If you have any questions, please call Heather Clark at 770.725.8447 or email hclark@forisk.com.

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