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Wood Bioenergy Update: Forisk Expanding Coverage Nation-wide

Forisk has expanded its coverage of operating and announced wood-using bioenergy projects from the US South to the continental US.  Next month’s post will include a summary of national wood bioenergy activity.  For information regarding the detailed US-wide bioenergy database, please click here.

Specific to the US South, as of June 24, 2010, our analysis of bioenergy markets indicates:

  • 136 wood-using bioenergy projects are operating or have been announced in the US South.
  • In total, these projects represent potential, incremental wood use of 56.4 million tons/year by 2020.
  • Based on Forisk analysis, projects representing 20.8 million tons/year pass basic viability screening.

Click on the figure for the detailed downloadable summary.

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