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Tax Treatment of Timber REIT Dividends (in under 150 words)

A duck walked into the doctor’s office and asked, “Doc, how do you treat timber REIT dividends?”….

Distributions from real estate investment trusts (REITs) have three elements:

  1. Distributions representing firm Operating Income are taxed at investors’ ordinary (marginal) tax rates.
  2. Capital Gains distributions – from the sale of income-producing properties – are taxed as…capital gains (15% for most investors).
  3. Return of Capital Distributions, which essentially represent the original cost of sold properties, are not taxed.

Relative to other REITs, timberland-owning REITs benefit from an attractive tax profile at the investor level. Timber REITs derive substantially all of their income from selling standing timber (pay-as-cut) contracts and income from these contracts is treated as long-term capital gains.  (see Table for 2010 results for three timber REITs)

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