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Wood Bioenergy Projects in the US: Rankings by State

This post includes data from the July edition of Wood Bioenergy US (WBUS). 

As of July 2013, WBUS counts 459 announced and operating wood-using bioenergy projects in the United States.  These projects represent total, potential wood use of 128.6 million green tons of wood per year by 2023. However, Forisk analysis indicates 296 projects (64%) pass viability screens.  These projects could consume 78.5 million tons of wood per year.  [To download the free WBUS summary, click here.]

In the United States, 44 of the 50 states have at least one operating or announced wood bioenergy project.  However, the bioenergy sector is characterized by clusters of projects near forest resources and ports, and in states with advantageous policies and subsidies.  The 20 states with the most wood bioenergy projects account for 81% of the U.S. total (see table below).  Georgia (34) and California (31) are the only states exceeding 30 projects each, while eight states have at least 20 projects each. The viable projects in the top 20 states account for 86% of the projected wood use from the bioenergy sector by 2023.

20130802 Wood bioenergy by state

Forisk will detail wood bioenergy project screening during “Timber Market Analysis” on August 12th in Atlanta, a one-day course that details how to understand, track, and analyze the price, demand, supply, and competitive dynamics of timber markets and wood baskets. For more information, click here.

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  1. Ed Pope / Reply

    George, Georgia has 34 plants. The most of any state. Pulpwood located near a plant is bringing 12- 18 dollars a ton. Up from 6 to 8 dollars a ton. I have friends who are working for a company to build several plants in SW Georgia. Buying timberland near a new plant to be constructed would be a good move. I can get a heads up on where they will be located before the information is widely known. Ed

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