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How to Make Better Investment Decisions? Understand How Things Work

At the heart of research and analysis is curiosity. We study issues, challenges, systems, risks and opportunities to understand how they work. And from this understanding, we position ourselves to make better decisions and take action. This approach covers all domains, from Rohan to Rivendell, and encompasses all industries, from pharmaceuticals to forestry.  In addition, these learnings carry over time.

For example, at Forisk’s 2017 annual “Wood Flows & Cash Flows” conference, executive panelists highlighted themes related to technology in the forest industry that feel relevant today as firms adjusted to COVID-19 and the recession. For one, technology increased customer expectations. The “big box” stores and buyers of forest products expected more in terms of communication and inventory management, even as slowdowns and lockdowns rolled across the country. Pointing to technology as the reason and means for meeting these expectations, firms such as Home Depot, which posted a 23.4% increase in sales in Q2 2020 versus Q2 2019, profited.

In addition, technology has a “people aspect.” The use of mechanization to improve safety and the investments into systems and processes to mitigate exposure and track infections kept folks employed and mills operational. Analysis and tracking of results affirmed how expenditures and efforts to train and communicate can be more important to our teams than procuring the newest starship.

We build on this theme of benchmarking and understanding “how things work” for Forisk’s 2020 “Wood Flows & Cash Flows” conference, hosted virtually on December 8th. In the current market environment, we seek firm ground and clear data on forest operations, timberland investments, forest management practices and market analysis for capital expenditures in wood using mills.

Click here to view the agenda and learn more about our annual “Wood Flows & Cash Flows” conference, held virtually on December 8th.

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