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Useful Timber Market Research Tells a Story: Join Us for “Wood Flows & Cash Flows”

Often, there is a “better” way to do things. It doesn’t really matter if you put your pants on with the leg left first or the right, but it is easier to put your pants on before your shoes.

Early in my forestry career, I attended a “total quality management” workshop and Wayne, the instructor, drove home the point that there is often a “best” or “better” way to do a job, no matter your preference. “That’s called a good process. We’ve figured out better ways to use a chainsaw or drive truck, ways that are safer and more productive, so master those.”

In our work as forest industry researchers, we found that our “better” way to produce and deliver conclusions and recommendations was to do so as evidence-based stories. We ask, “what is the story?” when evaluating the evidence. How does this timber market function and perform relative to others? To what extent is this wood basket exposed to or immune from regional risks? Does it benefit from an “absence of negatives”? How well positioned is it to benefit from specific “upsides” and opportunities?

During our annual Wood Flows & Cash Flows conference, we work to coordinate the sharing and delivery of research across the team and topics to support broader themes. We believe this creates value for the participants. It helps the research “stick” by prioritizing its relevance, which facilitates its use in client decisions.

The practice of identifying and communicating the throughline provides a means for clients and audience members to quickly evaluate for themselves the results and generate helpful follow-up questions. Having clarity with respect to the narrative offers a first step for evaluating scenarios and making decisions.

Please join the Forisk team at our annualWood Flows & Cash FlowsConference, delivered virtually on Thursday, August 25th. Can’t make it on August 25th? No problem! This event will be recorded for you to view afterwards. Registration by August 24th is still required if you cannot attend live. To learn more and to register, click here.

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