White Papers and Articles

Forisk team members publish white papers and articles and deliver presentations in each area of our research program.

These include cooperative efforts with universities, agencies, and private firms. Please see below for a listing by area and downloadable articles. Peer-reviewed research articles are at the end with full citations.

Presentations, trade articles, and white papers:

  1. Forisk Strategy Notes
  2. Forest Finance, Timberland Investing and Risk Management
  3. Timber Market Analysis, Forecasting and Forest Operations
  4. Wood Bioenergy
  5. Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles
  6. Books

Forisk Strategy Notes

  1. Forisk Strategy Note 2020 Q1: Risk Coronavirus
  2. Forisk Strategy Note 2019 Q3: Technology Pulp
  3. Forisk Strategy Note 2019 Q2: Substitution Plywood
  4. Forisk Strategy Note 2019 Q1: Risk Pellets
  5. Forisk Strategy Note 2018 Q4: Reinvention Pallets
  6. Forisk Strategy Note 2018 Q3: Disruptions

Forest Finance, Timberland Investing and Risk Management

  1. Timber Investment Fees and Returns. Presentation at Who Will Own the Forest? 2014.
  2. Future Forest Prospects: Look Back to See Forward. Presentation for the Forest Industry Engineering Association of New Zealand. 2014.
  3. Evaluating Overseas Timberland Investments and Discount Rates. Presentation at Who Will Own the Forest? 2012.
  4. Indexing timber REIT Performance: Weyerhaeuser, where art thou? Forest Equity Technical Note. 2010.
  5. Corporate structure , mill capacity, & product prices in Western timber and timberland markets. Timberland Report. 2007
  6. Storms, fires and other natural disasters: impact on local timber markets. Timber Mart-South. 2007
  7. Timberland ownership and forest industry changes in the US Northeast. Timberland Report. 2007
  8. Timber real estate investment trusts (Timber REITs). Timber Mart-South 2007
  9. Structural changes in the timber and timberland markets of the US South. Timberland Report. 2006.
  10. Small sawmills respond to changing timber markets. Mill Product News. 2006.
  11. Timberland investments in South America: a profile of Colombia.  Timber Mart-South. 2006.
  12. Assessing timberland investments at the county level.  Timber Mart-South. 2006.
  13.  Wood and timberland markets in the Midwestern US. Timberland Report. 2006.
  14. Northeast timberlands: strong markets and returns. Timberland Report. 2005.
  15. Southern timberlands: markets and mother nature. Timberland Report. 2005.
  16. Pulpwood and pulp: long term history Forest Landowner Magazine. 2005.
  17. Farm Bill “Tree Act”: implications for the forest industry and timber REITs. Timberland Report. 2008.
  18. Conservation easements, supply agreements, and green certification. Timberland Report. 2006.
  19. Discount rates and timberland investments.  Timberland Report. 2006.
  20. Western timberlands and corporate restructurings. Timberland Report. 2005.
  21.  Timberland investments in Uruguay. Timber Mart-South. 2004.

Timber Market Analysis, Forecasting and Forest Operations

  1. Forest Supplies and Timber Markets: A Post Recession Outlook. Presentation at Georgia Forestry Annual Meeting. 2014
  2. Hardwood Pulpwood Markets: Demand Trends. Presentation at the Southern Hardwood Forest Research Group. 2014.
  3. Accounting for Inflation in Timber Forecasts. Presentation at Who Will Own the Forest? 2013.
  4. Forest Management Practices of Private Timberland Investors and Managers in the US South. FRA Technical Release. 2012.
  5. Timberland: stable investments for the future. Forestar White Paper. 2009.
  6. Strategies for managing risk to meet forest landowner objectives. Forest Landowner. 2009.
  7. Pacific northwest timberlands: transactions slow, attractiveness remains. Timberland Report. 2009.
  8. How have recent market conditions affected the Midwest forest sector? Timberland Report. 2008.
  9. Factors driving wood demand and timberland markets in the US South. Timberland Report. 2008
  10. Georgia’s Forest Industry and the Role of Strong Markets. Georgia Forestry Today. 2008
  11. Forestland markets remain hot while forest products wane- is there a disconnect? Timberland Report. 2007.
  12. How healthy is wood demand in your market?  Logging Management Magazine, 2006.
  13. Recent research and entrepreneurship in log trucking. Georgia Forestry Today, 2006.
  14. Benchmarking construction cost changes. American Reconstruction. 2006.
  15. Risk and liability concerns facing forest landowners. Forest Landowner Magazine. 2005.
  16. Analyzing southern timber markets.  Timber Mart-South. 2005.
  17. Managing timberland investment risk. Timberland Report. 2004.
  18. Managing weather risk., Timber Mart-South. 2003.

Wood Bioenergy

  1. Learning from mistakes in the media to improve the communication of wood bioenergy research. BioResource editorial. 2014.
  2. Limits to Growth: Wood Pellet Production in the U.S. Presentation at Pellet Fuels Institute. 2013.
  3. Wood Bioenergy and Fun House Mirrors: Where are Biofuels Today? Presentation at Georgia Forestry Association/University of Georgia Bioenergy Conference. 2013.
  4. Woody biomass as a forest product: wood supply and market implications. National Alliance of Forest Owners White Paper. October 2011.
  5. Wood demand and bioenergy: waiting in Louisiana and the US South. Louisiana Forestry Association. June 2011.
  6. Biomass resource availability assessment. Wood Supply Research Institute. 2011.
  7. Reforestation in the U.S.:  trends and implications. Wood Supply Research Institute. 2011.
  8. Economic impact of the Tailoring RuleNational Alliance of Forest Owners White Paper. 2010.
  9. Wood resources for energy generationAmerican Forest & Paper Association White Paper. 2010.
  10. A practical guide for tracking wood-using bioenergy markets. National Alliance of Forest Owners White Paper. 2010.
  11. Screening announced wood bioenergy projects. FRA Technical Release. 2010.


Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

  1. Lang, Amanda Hamsley and Brooks Mendell. 2012. Sustainable wood procurement: what the literature tells us. Journal of Forestry, 110(3): 157-163.
  2. Mendell, Brooks C., Tymur Sydor, and Amanda Hamsley Lang. 2011. U.S. investor perspectives of international timberland investments and Columbia. International Forestry Review, 13(3): 456-460.
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  1. Mendell, B.C. 2018. Forest Finance Simplified, Sixth Edition, Forisk Press. 118 pages.
  2. Mendell, B.C. and A.H. Lang. 2012. Wood For Bioenergy: Forests as a Resource for Biomass and Biofuel, Forest History Society. 77 pages.
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