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Five Curious Features of US Timberland Ownership

This is the second in a series related to Forisk’s research of U.S. timberland ownership.

  1. “Industrial” timberlands – those acres owned and managed with a primary objective of generating more wood volumes in less time than publicly or other privately owned forests – comprise 8% to 13% of all U.S. forests.
  2. The United States has over 10 million family forest owners; they average 26 acres each. (Source: USDA Forest Service “Family Forest Owners of the United States” by Brett Butler)
  3. A group of 120 organizations own and manage 100,000 acres of timberland or more each; their ownership totals nearly 86 million acres.
  4. Over the past two years, timberland-owning real estate investment trusts (“timber REITs”) increased their U.S. holdings by nearly 1.5 million acres to 17.4 million.
  5. Over the past two years, industrials owners – such as C-corporations and traditional vertically integrated forest products companies that also own manufacturing facilities – reduced their timberland holdings by nearly 2.3 million acres to 15.7 million.


To learn more about the 2014 Timberland Owner List, click here or contact Heather Clark at hclark@forisk.com, 770.725.8447. 

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