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Top 20 US Timberland Owners and Managers: 2014 versus 2013

This is the third in a series related to Forisk’s research of U.S. timberland ownership.

The list below ranks the 2014 top 20 U.S. timberland owners and managers by acres, and compares this to their 2013 rankings.  By rank, the top six organizations remain unchanged, though acres did.  For example, Plum Creek increased its holdings by over 400,000 acres year-over-year and Weyerhaeuser increased its ownership by over 600,000 acres.  While most firms changed seats on the list, the only firm to fall off was Fountain Investments with the addition of The Nature Conservancy, who likely should have been on the list previously.  As in 2013, it required nearly 1.2 million acres to qualify for the top 20.  Other key changes related to firm names and ownership, as The Campbell Group rebranded to “Campbell Global” and as Brazilian investment bank BTG Pactual acquired RMK Timberland Group.

Top 20 US Timberland Owners and Managers

20140411 Top 20 Timberland Owners

Source: 2014 Forisk Timberland Owner List

To learn more about the 2014 Timberland Owner List, click here or contact Heather Clark at hclark@forisk.com, 770.725.8447. 

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