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Forisk Publishes New Research and Market Rankings That Show How Forest Industry Opportunities Vary by Investor Type

Where on the map should investors put capital to work in the U.S. forest industry? New research shows how the answer differs for timberland investors, sawtimber consumers, and users of pulpwood. Forisk’s 2019 North American Forest Market & Industry Rankings scores local markets in the U.S. South and Northwest for timberland investors and wood-using mills. Results profile ten years of change by mill for softwood lumber and hardwood lumber, pulp and paper, OSB, plywood, and wood pellets with detailed geographic breakdowns.

Market assessments include measures of timber supply and demand, along with risk factors for logging capacity, residual markets, exports, and competition. The research includes sensitivity analysis of each score to identify markets with more opportunity or risk for investors.

Click here for more information about the study.

Click here for the complete Press Release.

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