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Resources for Analyzing Timber Markets and Wood Baskets

Investors and analysts can tend to “boil the ocean” – to analyze everything – in evaluating opportunities or new markets. In forestry, this is especially the case with first-time investors in the industry. However, at some point, we need to focus resources based on clear criteria and available resources.

Checklists provide one tool for prioritizing and organizing what matters in a systematic fashion. For example, Joseph Schmitt, a spacesuit technician who supported NASA operations during the early years of orbiting the Earth and landing on the moon, worked a life-preserving list for items such as air-leaks, communication lines and the security of over-gloves and helmets.

Beyond space exploration, checklists support quality work for less life-dependent activities like real estate closings, malt loaf recipes and the analysis of timber markets and wood baskets. Our team has published presentations, articles and white papers on the analysis of timber markets for over fifteen years (click here for free resources available for download). In addition, we post on topics such as the systematic analysis of mill risk and timberland investments.

Interested in learning a process for tracking and analyzing the price, demand, supply and competitive dynamics of local timber markets and wood baskets? Register here for Forisk’s 2021 “Timber Market Analysis” class, offered virtually via Live Zoom webinar on December 8th and 9th. (The content of Day 2 builds on Day 1). Early Registration Discount is available until November 24th

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