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6th “Wood Flows and Cash Flows” Conference on August 25th, 2022

Regional forest industry fundamentals are known by those in the business. The moving of softwood lumber capacity across North America from Western Canada and the Northwest to the U.S. South, changes in timberland ownership, and factors driving pulp fiber costs comprise a few. However, the big shifts, which simply reflect the regional economic realities associated with supply and demand, take time in the forest industry. In making these investments, timberland owners and manufacturing executives rely on sustainably turning wood flows into cash flows.

Forisk’s Annual “Wood Flows & Cash Flows” Conference will happen virtually on Thursday, August 25th. In addition to providing snapshot updates on wood bioenergy, CLT, and low value fiber markets, Forisk researchers will address, in depth, investment and market analyses including:


Can’t make it on August 25th? No problem! This event will be recorded for you to view afterwards. Registration by August 24th is still required if you cannot attend live. To learn more and to register, click here.

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