Forisk’s ongoing research program supports products related to wood bioenergy, forest industry analysis and forecasting, and timberland ownership.

Subscribers include analysts, investors and senior executives working with forest industry manufacturers and associations, timberland investors, wood bioenergy firms, institutions and government agencies.

Specific products include:


Forisk Research Quarterly (FRQ)

Forisk delivers all of its industry analysis and forecasts in a single, quarterly report, the Forisk Research Quarterly (FRQ). This includes price forecasts, economic analysis, industry research, and project databases.  Through subscribing to the FRQ, subscribers gain exclusive access to Forisk’s consulting services, custom timber market studies and mill-specific wood basin forecasts.

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Forisk Multi-Client Study:
North American Forest Industry Capacity

This Study provides verified data and objective analysis to support strategic and operational plans for wood-using mills or timberlands in the U.S. and Canada.

The need to understand the key forest industry players and their status is paramount for maximizing returns and developing strategic plans for timber-selling and wood-using businesses. In Q3 2018, Forisk will publish a comprehensive analysis (Study) of North American wood-using mills to address the need by detailing current and historic capacity by firm and sector across North America, along with projected capacity levels by sector and region for the next two years.

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Wood Bioenergy US

Forisk tracks, screens, and analyzes all wood-using bioenergy projects and sectors in the United States. While the full research is only available to subscribers of the Forisk Research Quarterly, Forisk’s Wood Bioenergy US project database and previous issues of Wood Bioenergy US (WBUS) are available for standalone purchase. For the free Wood Bioenergy US Summary, click here.
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Timberland Owner List

The 2018 Forisk Timberland Owner List includes over 300 of the largest private timberland owners and managers in the United States and Canada that own 10,000 acres or more. The list includes key contacts by firm with contact information as well as acres owned by region and, to the extent possible, by state. Investment managers or consultants can use this list to generate new client leads as well as track timberland ownership in the US. This product is part of Forisk’s ongoing research program of timberland investment vehicles and is updated annually.
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Benchmarking Studies

As part of our research program, Forisk has administered surveys of forest industry firms to benchmark performance and costs. These studies offer the potential to compare against a group of industry participants with region-specific data. While individualized benchmarking analyses are only available to Forisk Research Quarterly subscribers, detailed reports on the data are available here. Initial studies focus primarily on silvicultural and land management practices and costs.

Timber Equity Research

Subscribers to the Forisk Research Quarterly gain access to Forisk’s Equity Research Program, which provides phone consultations, tailored research, and continuing education specific to timber REITs, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and timberland markets and assets.

Forisk Timber REIT (FTR) Index:  In 2008, Forisk initiated the FTR (“footer”) Index to track the timber REIT sector and provide a benchmark for comparative analysis.  Each week, we publish a one-page FTR Index Summary that compares the FTR Index relative to other benchmarks.  We distribute this summary by request along with an Excel file that contains the historical data of the market cap weighted, equal weighted and total returns FTR Indices. You do not have to be a full Forisk Research Quarterly subscriber to receive the FTR Index data.

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To subscribe to the free weekly FTR Index Summary and to obtain historical FTR Index data in an Excel format, please contact Heather Clark at


Forisk Press publishes books for furthering education on the topics of forest finance, bioenergy, and business development and communications. All publications are available to purchase online directly from Forisk or on Amazon.