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Top Forisk Blog Posts from 2019: Forest Finance, Largest Lumber Firms, and Timberland Owners

Visitor traffic on the Forisk Blog increased 4% in 2019 over 2018, for a seventh consecutive year of growth. Thank you! Here are top posts from 2019, along with a few popular posts by topic:

  1. Forest Finance: What Does a Negative or Zero NPV Say About My Potential Timberland Investment?
    1. Again number one, this brief post retains the top ranking since first hitting the web in January 2013. The core finance question drives traffic to this post, while the timberland angle comes along for the ride.
    2. Note: I cover this and related (forest) finance applications and topics in the upcoming “Applied Forest Finance” workshop on March 19th, 2020 in Atlanta.
  2. Who’s Who in Lumber: Top 10 U.S. Lumber Producers
    1. Posted in March 2017, this snapshot of U.S. softwood lumber capacity comes from Forisk’s database of North American forest industry capacity.
    2. Note: Amanda Lang posted an update to the rankings in August 2019.
  3. Tracking the Top Timberland Owners and Managers, 2018
    1. A post from April 2019 provided an update from our North American Timberland Owner & Manager tracking. Forisk has been accumulating private North American timberland transaction and ownership data for thirteen years. The ownership data goes back 50 years and the transaction data goes back 20 years.
  4. How Much Longer Will Pine Sawtimber Accumulate in the South?
    1. Posted in October 2019, this includes an excerpt from Forisk research on timber supply in the U.S. South co-authored by Amanda Lang, Alec Roach, and Shawn Baker. The results indicate South-wide grade inventories may peak by 2026.
  5. Forecasting Pacific Northwest Sawlog Prices
    1. This post from January 2019 summarizes research by Shawn Baker, Amanda Lang, Jack Lutz and Brooks Mendell on drivers of softwood sawlog prices in the Coastal markets of Oregon and Washington.


Top 2019 Blog on Timber REITs

Timber REITs: Tums for 2018 and Truffles for 2019 by Brooks Mendell (January 2019) summarized the overly-negative reaction of timber REIT investors in 2018 and the resulting upside for 2019.

Top 2019 Blog on New Technology

Mass Timber: Old Concepts, New Technology by Andrew Copley (April 2019) provides helpful context for the CLT market in North America.

Top 2019 Forest Operations Blog Post

U.S. Logging Employment Over 15 Years by Shawn Baker (July 2019) looks at where logging employment could or might be out of synch with forest industry capacity investments (with the help of a fancy figure).

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